Promotional Discounts 推廣優惠

New promotional discounts 最新推廣優惠

Promotion period: until 31 December 2021 優惠期限: 至2021年12月31日止

Macao residents 澳門居民:

- Macao permanent residents with a valid BIR can enjoy a 10% discounts for applying virtual office service (only limited to first-time user, and cannot be used together with other promotional discounts);

持有有效的澳門永久居民身份證人士申請虛擬辦公室服務可享有九折優惠(只限於初次使用, 不能與其他優惠一拼使用);

- 5% discount off for holders of Macao electronic consumption voucher (such as MPay, Boc Pay, etc. / Not applicable for virtual office service)

以澳門電子消費卡支付可享有九五折優惠 (如: MPay, Boc Pay等 / 不適用於申請虛擬辦公室服務). 

Others 其他:

- Referrals: existing clients can receive 10% discount for each referral of a new client;

轉介: 現時的客戶在每次轉介新客戶可享有九折優惠;

- Discount code: 10% discount off.

折扣代號: 九折優惠.


Terms and Conditions 條款及細則

  • All promotional discounts are offered by KLH Business Centre, in which we reserve the right to make any changes without prior notice; 所有的推廣優惠 KLH Business Centre 將保留一切權利,任何的修改不會作提前通知;
  • The right to amend terms and conditions includes changing the price of the promotion or offer, terminating the offer before stated validity date, changing the details of the promotion or offer or any other changes in order to protect the interests of the company; 條款及細則的權利, 包括修改價格的推廣或優惠, 終止優惠的有限日期, 修改推廣或優惠的詳情或其他的修改以保障公司的利益;
  • All the promotional discounts are not valid for use together; 所有的折扣優惠不適用於與其他推廣優惠一拼使用;
  • Terms of promotions or offers vary from time to time and clients are advised to clarify with us or email before signing up the service. 推廣或優惠條款將會恆常變更, 建議客戶與我們釐清或在申請服務前電郵至