Frequently Asked Questions 常見問題

Q: Can I apply for the virtual office service if I do not have a registered company in Macao, but just for personal use only?

問: 倘若澳門沒有註冊公司, 能否申請虛擬辦公室服務僅用作為私人用途?

A: For using our virtual office service, the applicant must be the owner of a Macao company and must hold a valid business registration certificate issued by the Macao government.

答: 若要使用我們的虛擬辦公室服務, 申請人必須為澳門公司的董事以及持有由澳門政府發出之有效的商業登記證明. 

Q: Can I work in Macao?

問: 能否在澳門工作?

A: Yes, as long as you are a Macao permanent resident or holder of a valid working permit, you are allowed to do so.

答: 可以, 只要持有澳門永久居民或有效的在澳工作許可便可.

Q: If I have a registered mail which needs someone to collect it on my behalf, can you help me to collect and redirect it to my overseas address?

問: 若有一份掛號郵件需要代為認領, 是否可以幫忙領取及轉寄到我的海外地址?

A: Unfortunately, we do not assist clients to collect registered mail at our office; we can only redirect the non-registered mails to the address as requested. 問 : 本公司恕未能為客人提供代為領取掛號信件, 我們只能按要求轉寄非掛號信件.

Q: I am a non-permanent Macao resident, can I apply for a Macao business registration?

問: 本人為澳門非永久居民, 是否可以申請澳門商業登記?

A: Yes, you are welcome to register a company in Macao, regardless of what nationalities you are holding.

答: 可以的. 任何國籍人士可在澳門註冊公司. 

Q: What is the currency that was listed on the website?

問: 網頁上列出的是甚麼貨幣?

A: All fees are in HKD (Hong Kong Dollars).

答: 全部費用是以港幣(HKD)計算.

Q: Can I make the payment by direct bank transfer? 問: 是否可以透過銀行直接轉帳?

A: Yes, if you want to make the payment by bank transfer, you will be given the bank information from us. 答: 可以. 如要透過銀行過帳, 我們將有關銀行資料告知客人. 

Q: Can I apply the virtual service through online? 問: 是否可以透過網上申請?

A: Yes, we accept the submission of the applications in person, by post or online. 答: 我們接受透過親身, 郵遞及網上的提交申請.